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I was able to reach Walt Bilofsky, the owner of The Software Toolworks. He stated that the rights to the 8-bit software remained with him and his partner Joe Abrams. Also, if the software listed another author, that author retains rights to the software. He stated that I may post the software and manuals, non-commercially, with the following restrictions: list the correct copyright notice (author(s) name(s), year written) and state that the software is not for commercial use.


The following is from their Spring 1982 Catalog: 

About The Software Toolworks

It started two years ago when several computer scientist became interested in personal computers. We built H89 computer kits, then developed software tools for ourselves, programs of the quality and responsiveness we had become used to on larger machines. 

The Software Toolworks is our way of sharing both those tools and the improvements and new products we have come up with in response to user requests. As our professional associates have heard of our success in distributing our software, a number of them have also acquired personal computers and contributed their creativity and expertise to our product line.

Although we are in business, we remain first and foremost computer hobbyists.  Therefore, we continue to make these programs available at the kind of prices we would like to pay ourselves.

But despite the low prices, this software is solid. We used it ourselves, and sell only programs that meet our personal standards of excellence. We are proud of these software products, and hope you will enjoy them.


Here are a few of their catalogs:


Here is a table of the software provided by The Software Toolworks. If the software name in the table below is a link, additional information and possibly  links to disk images and manuals are available on that page. This software is strictly for non-commercial use, additional information is presented on the following pages.

Order Number




Original Price


C8, C5, or H5

PIE 1.5

Full screen editor makes it easy to create and change text and program files.



C8, C5, H5, or O5


C/80 2.0 Compiler generates fast assembly language code - now supports most C features.



C8, C5, H5, or O5

Macro Assembler Z80

Macro assemblers for Z80 or 8080 opcodes



C8, C5, H5, or O5

Macro Assembler 8080

Macro assemblers for Z80 or 8080 opcodes



C5 or H5


Access MICRONET, SOURCE, timesharing; transfer files between computers



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Save room on your disks; protect sensitive files



C8, C5, or H5


Produce neatly formatted documents with TEXT





Discover for yourself why Air Traffic Controllers wanted psychiatric benefits



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Now there's an economical way to experiment with LISP



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Play championship chess with full graphics



C8, C5, or H5


Create, save, display with fill screen graphics editor




Catalog System; Utility Programs

Keep track of all your files with master catalog system; plus handy utilies



C8, C5, H5, or O5


RATFOR adds structured programming features to Microsoft FORTRAN





Play the INVADERS video action game





Printer spooler lets you continue working while printing



C8, C5, or H5


Interactive disk patcher lets you make system patches, repari damaged data



C8, C5, or H5


Action maze game with arcade excitement





Fight exciting space battles in full graphics




Introduction to BASIC Programming

Learn to program in BASIC



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Your computer can be a good "therapy"



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Eliminate embarrassing spelling mistakes with compact 50,000 word proofreader



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Dare the dangers of Colossal Cave with the original Adventure game



C5, H5, or C8


Full-featured ZenCalc comes all set to do your taxes and more



C8, C5, H5, or O5


Save time an money with automated recipe file



C8, C5, or O5 AutoDIFF

Locate changes, revisions in document and program source files.



C8, C5, H5, or O5 Snake

Action video game for the entire family.



O5 Arcturus Ranger

Three exciting arcade style games for your Osborne.



O5 Arcturus Control $19.95


O5 Arcturus Exterminator $24.95


C8, C5, H5, or O5 Word Wiggle

Exercise vocabulary skills as you challenge the computer.

#231 C8, C5, H5, or O5

C/80 Mathpak

Add float and long data types to C/80 Version 3.

#232 D5

Missile Control (Evryware)

Guard cities from missile attack.

#233 D5

Galatic Warrior (Evryware)

Goes beyond Space Invaders with a variety of weapons and targets.

#234 D5

Y-Wing Fighter (Evryware)

Battle a variety of dangers just above the surface of a hostile planet.

#235 D5

Space Odyssey I(Evryware)

Space navigation game features 3-D movement.

#236 D5

Exterminator (Evryware)

Complex game pits you against the ecology of Yargon.

#237 D5

Y-Wing II (Evryware)

Exciting undersea sequel to Y-WING.

#238 D5

Zeetle-Deet (Evryware)

Tunnel through the earth to save the princess.

#239 I5


Run most of CP/M software from your ZDOS disk.



C8, C5, H5, or O5 Best of Wok Talk

Computer Chef Series #2: Exotic oriental cuisine made convenient, even for beginners.



C8, C5, H5, or O5 What's For Dinner

Computer Chef Series #3: Add over 200 recipes to your Computer Chef collection.


Note: At some point, Software Toolworks also added support several other computer systems, from Xerox, Kaypro, DEC and Epson in many (but not all) of their software titles, but this site is not tracking those.

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