Zenith Data Systems (ZDS) Z-90 All-In-One Computer

The Z-90 computer was nearly identical to Heath Company's H-89 computer, but this system came factory-assembled and with a soft-sectored floppy drive controller (Z-89-37) instead of the hard-sectored floppy drive controller (H-88-1) that came standard on the H-89.

Z90 All-in-one Computer

From the 1982 Heath Catalog:

Z-90-80, Assembled with 64K RAM, Z-89-37 Soft-Sectored Disk Controller, no internal disk storage (use Z-37 below) and three serial ports, 62 pounds.......... 2895.00

Z-90-82, Assembled with 64K RAM, Z-89-37 Disk Controller Board, built-in floppy disk drive for 160K byes of data storage (use Z-87 for additional storage if needed) and three serial I/O ports, 55 pounds......... 3195.00


Z-37, Assembled Dual-Sided Disk System with two drives for 1.28 megabytes of data storage (requires Z-89-37 below for use with Z-89, 28 pounds.....  1995.00

Z-87, Assembled Single-Sided Disk System with two drives up to 320K bytes of data storage, 28 pounds.......... 1195.00



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