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Copyright (C) 1982 Dr. James J. Gillogly; reproduced by permission.  This copyrighted software may be freely used and distributed provided that
(a) there is no charge for the software, and (b) this notice accompanies each copy of the software.

Now your personal computer becomes a kitchen assistant with COMPUTER CHEF, a versatile home data base that makes page flipping and portion figuring a thing of the past. Tell it the ingredients on hand, and COMPUTER CHEF will quickly suggest recipes using them. Save you moeny by finding recipes for this week's supermarket bargains. When you need more servings, or have less of an ingredient than called for, COMPUTER CHEF automatically scales the recipe to fit your individual needs. Prints recipes on your printer, so you never again worry about dripping on the cookbook! Contains over 70 kitchen-tested recipes from salad to dessert, plus make even more use of all these capabilities by entering your own recipes too. Requires 48K. By Marrietta & Jim Gillogly, Pamela Chavez, Michelle Shumow

Available formats:


Disk Image


C8 - CP/M 8"

Not Available (WANTED)

Not Available (WANTED)

C5 - CP/M 5"

Not Available (WANTED)

H5 - HDOS 5"


 O5 - Osborne 1 - 5"


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