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jsH89 Copyright (c) 2014-2023 Mark Garlanger [heathkit garlanger com]

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H17 Drive Unit 0:   


H17 Drive Unit 1:   


H17 Drive Unit 2:   



jsH89 is a Heath/Zenith H/Z-89 emulator, written completely in Javascript. It emulates the underlying Z80 CPU, for the computer portion of the H89. Currently, the H19 terminal functionality is coded directly in javascript and does not attempt to recreate the Z80 and software running on the terminal board.


Just press [ON] button above.

To boot (start the operating system), press "b" and return.

Users are able to 'Eject' the disk and will be prompted on whether they would like to save the disk image locally. When a drive does not have a disk, two options will be offered. You can either select a url of a disk image (from my site), or select a file from your computer. Saving and loading of disks will allow you to save your work, and continue where you left off next time you bring the page up.

Brief instructions on the two games initially loaded.

  • Y-WING - Keypad controls the ship in all 8 directions. "A" fires backwards, "S" fires forward, don't crash or run into anything.
  • Galatic Warrior - Move: 4 left, 5 stop, 6 right. Q - Shield, W - Short Laser, E - Missile.

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This site is dedicated to preserving the history of the original Heathkit computers. They were initially release in 1977 and included the 8-bit H-8 and 16-bit H-11 systems. The H89 was released in 1979.