Heath Users' Group (HUG) REMark

REMark was a magazine published by the official Heath Users' Group from 1978 until June 1992. Heath Users' Group was later known as Zenith Users' Group.

My collection of REMark magazines is now complete. Thanks to Reavis Eubanks for providing Issues 1-2.

To save time and space, the posted scans are of the covers and table of contents only. I may selectively scan and post interesting articles. Scanning these magazines is a very time consuming task. Lately, I haven't scanned any more of the covers and indexes, instead I've been working on the H89 emulator when I have free time.

1978 (Quarterly)

Issues 1-4, Heath Users' Group (HUG) started REMark as a quarterly magazine.

1978 Covers ( Images for Issue 1 & 2 were provided by Herb Johnson - check out his Heath related site )

1978 Indexes 

1979 (Quarterly)

Issues 5-8

1979 Covers

1979 Indexes

1980 (5 Issues)

Issues 9-13

1980 Covers

1980 Indexes

1981 (10 Issues)

Issues 14-23

1981 Covers

1982 (Monthly)

Issues 24-35, first year with 12 issues.

1982 Covers

1983 (Monthly)

Issues 36-48

1983 Covers

1984 (Monthly)

Issues 49-60

1984 Covers

1985 (Monthly)

Issues 60-71

1985 Covers

1986 (Monthly)

Issues 72-83

1986 Covers (coming soon)

1987 (Monthly)

Issues 84-95

1987 Covers (coming soon)

1988 (Monthly)

Issues 96-107

1988 Covers (coming soon)

1989 (Monthly)

Issues 108-119

1989 Covers (coming soon)

1990 (Monthly)

Issues 120-131

1990 Covers (coming soon)

1991 (Monthly)

Issues 132-143

1991 Covers

1992 (Monthly)

Issues 144-149. Publication of REMark ended with the June 1992 issue.

1992 Covers


As back issues became sold-out, HUG started providing back issues in Volume collections.

Volume Covers (Covers for Volume 1-4, I'm missing Volume 5-11).


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