Copyright (C) 1980 Dr. James J. Gillogly; reproduced by permission.  This copyrighted software may be freely used and distributed provided that
(a) there is no charge for the software, and (b) this notice accompanies each copy of the software.

This challenging action game test your skill as an Air Traffic Controller. Your H89 or H19 becomes a radar screen filled with aircraft under YOUR guidance. Flight plans - landing, takeoff or transit - are radioed to you. Guide all 26 aircraft safely through and you win. Violate FAA rules with a "near miss" and you're FIRED. Made it? Try it FASTER! Every game is different. "Belongs in the ADVENTURE class... Not for children -- of any age!" - H8SCOOP. By Dr. Jim Gillogly. Requires H89 or H19.

Available formats:


Disk Image


 D5 - CP/M 5" and HDOS 5"

Airport for HDOS and CP/M (h8d format)

Airport for HDOS and CP/M (h17disk format)

Airport manual


Airport for HDOS (h17disk format)

O5 - Osborne

Airport for Osborne CP/M (IMD format)

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