Copyright (C) 1981 Robert B. Wesson; reproduced by permission.  This copyrighted software may be freely used and distributed provided that
(a) there is no charge for the software, and (b) this notice accompanies each copy of the software.

Thought your H89 or H19 couldn't do this? Think again. Your screen becomes a fast-action video game. Alien creatures try to land; you hold them off with your space cannon as you dodge their bombs. Play it as it comes, or customize with 23 user-variable parameters to increase the challenge; even design your own graphics. By Robert Wesson. Requires H89 or H19.

Available formats:


Disk Image


D5 - CP/M 5" and HDOS

Invaders for HDOS and Heath CP/M (h8d format) - Ver. 1.6

Invaders for HDOS and Heath CP/M (h17disk format) - Ver. 1.6

Invaders manual - Ver. 1.3

coming soon - Ver. 1.6

O5 - Osborne

Invaders for Osborne CP/M

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This site is dedicated to preserving the history of the original Heathkit computers. They were initially release in 1977 and included the 8-bit H-8 and 16-bit H-11 systems. The H89 was released in 1979.