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Sextant's publisher/editor was Charles Floto. He also published the BUSS newsletter.

Thanks to ebay, I've completed my collection of Sextant Magazines. There was a total of 40 issues published. I plan to post scans of at least the cover and table of contents when I have some time. Here is an Index for Issues 1 to 26. I would love to scan/post complete issues, but I have not been able to reach Charles.

I now have a large collection of duplicate issues, that I'm willing to trade for other Heath/Zenith computer related items. Contact me at heathkit (at) garlanger (dot) com if you are interested.


Contents (based on a back-order ad or the magazine covers).

#1 - Spring 1982

A Parallel Interface for the '89, Disk Programming Without HDOS, Print Spoolers

#2 - Summer 1982

Crucial Secrets of HDOS, Preview of the Z100, Structure in BASIC Programming

#3 - Fall 1982

The World's Fastest Sort?, Give Your '89 an Automatic Boot, Graphics on Your H8

#4 - Winter 1983

HDOS Interrupt Programming, Eight Spreadsheets Compared, Beyond the H/Z Disk Controller

#5 - Spring 1983

CP/M: The First 13 System Calls, Understanding HDOS, Improve your H8: Add a Fan

#6 - Summer 1983

Pascal Elucidated, Assembly Language In a Spooler, Passwords and Record-Keeping

#7 - Winter 1983

Z100 Software Roundup, Make Your '8 Think Like an '89, dBase II Comes to Heath/Zenith

#8 - Winter 1984

Games Roundup, Z-DOS Assembly Language, Kids and Computers

#9 - March - April 1984

Why Won't All That IBM Personal Computer Software Run on My Z100?, Screen Dump!, Build a Sound/Clock Board for Your '89, Drawing on Your Heath/Zenith Computer, Clarkson College Puts a Z100 on Every Desk, How One Family Learned to Live with an H89

#10 - May - June 1984

Microsoft Windows, Color Graphics for your '8 or '89, Put an Electronic Disk intoYour H8

#11 - July - August 1984

Review of the Z150, Introduction to Pascal: Part 1, Inexpensive Letter-Quality Printers

#12 - Sept. - Oct. 1984

Z-DOS Communications Software, Introduction to Pascal: Part 2, The HUG Bulletin Board

#13 - Nov. - Dec. 1984

A Parallel Port on Your '89, Introduction to Pascal: Part 3, Making Z-BASIC Friendlier

#14 - Jan. - Feb 1985

Microsoft Word and Mouse, Grafting an 8086 Onto the '89, WatchWord for the Z100

#15 - March - April 1985

Teach Your Z100 Greek, Graphs on the '100 and '150, HDOS Command Processing

#16 - May - June 1985

Great Graphics on the '19 and '89, Speed Up Your '100 50%, A Critical Look at the 8088

#17 - July - August 1985

Moving Up to MS-DOS 2, Auto Key Repeat for the '89 or '19, Affordable Graphics for the Z100

#18 - Sept. - Oct. 1985

The Ultimate Word Processor?, Menu Control with HDOS MBASIC, '89 Interactive Graphics Controller

#19 - Nov.- Dec. 1985

Speeding Up the Z100, HDOS Enhancements, S-100 Modem Upgrade

#20 - Jan. - Feb. 1986

Five Desktop Utilities for the Z100, Index to Sextant #1-#20, Customizing muLisp for '89 or '100

#21 - March -April 1986

8087 Math Chip Speeds Up '100, Using PROMPT on the '100 and '150, See Seven Sorts

#22 - May - June 1986

ZCLK for the Z100, Run CP/M under MS-DOS, '100 and '150 Monitor Routines

#23 - July - August 1986

BASIC Fractals, 1216K of RAM for Your '151, A Low-Budget HDOS Data Base

#24 - Sept. - Oct. 1986

The Z150 and Gate Arrays, Subconscious Memory of the Z100, Print Big in BASIC (or Turbo Pascal)

#25 - Nov. - Dec. 1986

Turbo Pascal, An MBASIC Simulation, Upgrade the ZVM-134 to 16 Colors

#26 - Jan. - Feb. 1987

MS-DOS Programmer's Utility Pack, Winning Fractals, Four Upgrades for the '89

#27 - March - April 1987

22 Utilities for the '100 and '150, IBM Emulation With HUG's ZPC, WRHUGCON 3: HUGgies in Disneyland, Build a Clock/Calendar for You '89

#28 - May - June 1987

Computer Self-Defense - Part I: Getting Started with Your Heath/Zenith Computer, put a Clock Face on Your '100, Justify Your Text Under HDOS or CP/M, Z100 Notebook, C Notes, The Eight-Bit World

#29 - July - August 1987

EasyPC, New Zenith Monitor Offers Blacker Blacks, Z100 Typesetting: Better than Desktop Publishing, SigmaSoft's Hard Disk for Your '8 or '89, The Z181: Portability Without Compromise, The '148: All the Essentials for IBM Compatibility

#30 - September - October 1987

A Celebration of Ten Years of Heath/Zenith Computers, Editing MS-DOS Command Lines - Easily, The Z100's Fifth Birthday, The Z248: One Users's Impressions, Exploring Zenith's Software Update Policy, Perspectives on Pascal

#31 - November - December 1987

Smooth Sailing With a '240, Opening Windows on Your '100, Use Your '150's Unused Memory, Plug a Hard Disk into Your '150, The Last National HUGCON

 #32 - January - February 1988

Computer Games: Behind the Scenes, The Z150 Series, Collecting Ancestors on Your '150, Taking the C/NIX Route on Your CP/M Computer

 #33 - Early Spring 1988

Going Places With the Z183, The Z200 Series Windows World, The Shaggy Dog Flea Market & Galactic Computerama, Scrolling Through CP/M Files

 #34 - Late Spring 1988

Video Image Processing With Zip and ImageWise, Building the '248, Fast Fractals for Your '150 or '100, IBM Emulation With the Scottie Board, Time- and Data-Stamp Your CP/M Files, A Brain Transplant for the Z100

 #35 - Early Summer 1988

Zenith Unveils the TurbosPort 386, IBM Compatibility and the Zenith User, Install Your Own Hard Disk in Your '150, Hidden Software for the '100,

 #36 - Late Summer1988

New! The Zenith Portable Computer Column, Expanded Coverage of Z150 - Z200 Windows, Low-Priced Data Base Program Puts You in the Driver's Seat, Computer Formulas for Modern Art

 #37 - Early Fall 1988

8 New Products for Zenith's Laptops, 6 Upgrades for the Z150 Series, Go Beyond the '200's 35 Supported Hard Drives, WordStar 4 Comes to CP/M, A BASIC Arithmetic Drill  for Grades 3 Through 6

 #38 - Late Fall 1988

A Planetarium on Disk, Put an 80286 in Your '150, Control Screen Colors on Your '150, Low-Budget Data Transfer Between a Z100 and a Z180, Columns: The Z200 Series, The Z150 Series, Windows World,, The Eight-Bit World.

 #39 - Early Winter 1989

A More Colorful Z100 Can Display EGA Video, Help Your '150 Recall Its Screen Display, Columns: The Z200 Series, The Z150 Series, Windows World, The Portable Computer Column.

#40 - March 1989(Late Winter)

An 80386 For Your '241 or '248, A Pascal Modem Program, How To Get Your Z100 Out of a Compute Loop, Memory Enhancements for the '100 and '150. Plus: Perspectives on Pascal, Z150 Series, Beginner's Guide

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