Mike Murry from Evryware granted permission to post the software and manuals:

"You have the official permission of Evryware to post any and all relevant materials to your site."

Evryware created many games for the Heathkit computers under both HDOS and CP/M. Here is the list of the games:

  • Dragons of Hong Kong
  • The Exterminator Battles: The Anthropods of Yargon
  • Galactic Warrior
  • His Majesty's Ship Impetuous
  • Invasion
  • Missile Control
  • Six Micro Stories
  • Space Odyssey
  • Y-Wing Fighter
  • Y-Wing 2
  • Zeedle/Deet

The company is still in existence, see what they are up to on the Evryware website.


See the history on their website: Evryware Chronolgoy




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 Dragons of Hong Kong

 The story begins as you walk into Big Al's bar to meet Professor Goodman who has just discovered a terrible secret. This secret takes you to the Far East where you have a chance to free the world of an age-old blight, clear your name of a despicable crime, and finish the story in the arms of the woman of your dreams.

 Wanted - May have a working copy since the manual was included in a large collection I received.


Cover Wanted


 The Exterminator Battles: The Anthropods of Yargon

Protect the outpost on Yargon from attack of Anthropods before they turn into giant carnivorous critters that will eat you alive.




Galactic Warrior

 Battle star cruisers and the Evil Space Station on your mission to save the galaxy! New two player version.



Cover coming soon.


 His Majesty's Ship Impetuous

Go back in time to the days when England's sailing ships ruled the seas. As the captain of the "IMPETUOUS," you must contend with a mutinous crew, treasure ships, and a Napoleon's French fleet.





After months of defending against the space INVASION, earth is down to its three missile launchers. These launchers have been put under your command in a last ditch attempt to save earth. The INVASION will do their best to blow you to smithereens by dropping bombs that slither down to earth. You must also watch out for radioactive fallout when you hit one of the Invaders.




Missile Control

 Defend your cities against guided missiles and bombers by launching missiles that can be set to explode anywhere on the screen!



 Coming Soon


 Six Micro Stories

A good introduction to Interactive Fiction. You take part in six short stories each with many outcomes. Be a spy in Hitler's Third Reich, the pilot of a doomed 747, and more.




Space Odyssey

Experience the excitement of space travel with this three dimensional space flight simulation!






 Y-Wing Fighter

Giant birds, spiders and volcanoes are just some of the challenges you will meet on your way to the enemy's mountain hideout!




Cover wanted


 Y-Wing 2

 If you thought Y-wing fighter was the best thing this side of an arcade, wait until you see this sequel! Each quest takes you to a different region in the undersea world of Tazgard. Armed with more powerful lasers, bombs and a matter zapper, you will encounter nearly a dozen different types of dangerous creatures on your 3000 mile journey to confront the cruel sea-giant,Stormslayer! Many have tried to find his hidden weakness but only the brand and cunning have succeeded!





Become the good wizard, Algernon, and tunnel deep in the earth to save the villagers trapped by the evil wizard, Dante! Dodge demons, cast spells and find secret messages with your companion, Prince Jason as you search for Dante's stronghold and the captive Princess of Zeetle-Deet. Strategy and skill will send Dante and his demon horde back to the netherworld that spawned them. Then witness the touching reunion of Prince Jason and his Princess! For one or two players.





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