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Note: Permission has been recieved from Clay Montgomery to post these manauls.

H/Z89 Hardware

SigmaSoft Ad

Interactive Graphics Controller(IGC)

Superior Graphics and A Pseudo Disk for $495

For H8-19, H88, and H/Z89-90, 640 x 250 resolution, provides up to 640 x 500 in interlace mode, and advanced high-level graphics language interface, a RAM-based disk drive emulator, two graphics input device ports and two Centronics parallel printer ports. $495

Manual: IGC Manual

Article: Interactive Graphics Controller

Ad for Interactive Graphics Controller

Hard Disk Systems

From 10 MB up to 67 MB. Includes Z37 compatible floppy disk controller. Uses a single left-side slot. Up to 16 Data partitions from HDOS, CP/M, or Both. Cold boots HDOS and Heath CP/M (requires MTR-90).

Ad for Disk System

Manual: Disk System User's Manual

Article: Hard Disk System

Technical Overview: Hard Disk System

Universal Parallel I/O Board $95

Provides two full Centronics parallel interfaces. Up to 3 board can be installed in an H89, providing up to 6 parallel devices. Supports printers, joysticks, and track

Ad for Parallel interface board

SigmaSound Board (Less Joystick) $95.00

Manual: Sound Effects Board User's Manual

Joystick Controllers (Set of Two) $25.00

SD.DVD Device Driver $10

Arcade Games Package (Requires Joysticks)



Computer Aided Drafting System for the H/Z-89 with the IGC.

Manual: CAD-89 User's Manual


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