Sunflower Software, Inc.

Sunflower Software offered a variety of software.

Company Information

The company was located in Shawnee, KS. President: Rick Kerbel


I was contacted by Rick Kerbel, the president of Sunflower Software in September 2020. Some of the copyrights of the software they sold, stayed with the original authors. For the titles that Sunflower owned the copyrights, he gave permission for their use for non-commercial purposes. The titles which permission was granted are: Control, Disksort/Merge, Fireman, Meteors, General Ledger, User, DualPort, Mailmate, Search and Print, E.A.S.Y., U.S. States, Magic Menu, Utilities, and HDOSx2.

Unfortunately, he had not been in contact with the authors of the other software for years. These titles are: S-Basic, SY0:Billing, WordPro 2, SpelGud/Superfog, Applied Statistics, and Thermal Systems.


I have several of these titles, and will be posting disk images soon.

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