Hoyle & Hoyle Software

Hoyle & Hoyle Software offered database software and adventure games. Their database software was called "Query!". It was available for HDOS, CP/M, and ZDOS. They offered three adventure games:

  • A Remarkable Experience
  • A Galactic Experience
  • A Physical Experience

Company Information

The company was located in Greensboro, NC. The "The BUSS Directory" listed Hughes Hoyle as the contact person.


I have some of these software titles and would like to post disk images, but have not been able to locate anyone associated with Hoyle & Hoyle, to see if they would provide permission to post them. If anyone has contact information for Hoyle & Hoyle or Hughes Hoyle, please contact me at the email address below, or let them know about this site, so that they can contact me.

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