UCSD P-System with Pascal, Version II

Heath Company offered a version of the UCSD P-System operating system for their both their 8-bit computers and the 16-bit H11. Thanks to the generosity of one of the SEBHC members, I received the 5.25" disks and manuals. And through E-Bay, I was able to get the H11 version, that one didn't include the Users Manual, but did include the special instructions for the H11. If you have a company that is different from the picture below, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.

From Spring/Summer 1982 Heath Catalog:

Modular UCSD P-System with Pascal, Version II

  • Easy-to-use system responds quickly to changing needs
  • Runs on any microcomputer with a resident interpreter

A complete environment for program development and execution: Includes a Pascal compiler to produce universal P-code, an efficient P-code interpreter, screen-oriented and character-oriented editors for programs and text, a filer for rapid file manipulation, a macro-assembler which produces code to be linked with Pascal programs, and a system library of frequently-used utilities. Modular structure allows division of large tasks into smaller, easier task. Support updates available from Softech Microsystems, San Diego, CA. Requires H-8/H-19, H-11A/H-19, or H/Z-89 (as listed below) with 48K RAM (64K recommended) and two disk drives (HOS-817-3 requires, supports only two hard-sectored 5.25" drives).

HOS-817-3, hard-sectored 5.25" disk for H-8/H-19 and H/Z-89, 8 pounds. ... $295.00

HOS-1127-3, soft-sectored 8" disk for H-11A/H-19/H-27, 8 pounds. ............ $295.00


I think this is NOT the official Heath/Zenith release, it appears to be an earlier version released directly from Softech Microsystems, since it does not include the typical Heath black binder. But it is possible that this is the official release, someone on the SEBHC list had bought one back in the 80s and thinks that his did not have the typical binder.

H17 Hard-sectored disk images (H8D)

I received this from another member of the SEBHC group and have imaged the disks in the H8D format.

Complete release in a zip file: UCSD Pascal

Individual disks:

Soft-Sectored disk images (TD0)

These files are from Don Maslin's famous archive. I have not tried these images, since I do not have a way to create floppies from TD0 files, but I am working on adding soft-sectored disk support to my emulator, and would then try to use it with that.

Complete release in a zip file: UCSD_TD0.ZIP

Individual disks:

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