UCSD P-System with Pascal, Version II

Heath Company offered a version of the UCSD P-System operating system for their both their 8-bit computers and the 16-bit H11. Thanks to the generosity of one of the SEBHC members, I received the 5.25" disks and manuals. And through E-Bay, I was able to get the H11 version, that one didn't include the Users Manual, but did include the special instructions for the H11.

From Spring/Summer 1982 Heath Catalog:

Modular UCSD P-System with Pascal, Version II

  • Easy-to-use system responds quickly to changing needs
  • Runs on any microcomputer with a resident interpreter

A complete environment for program development and execution: Includes a Pascal compiler to produce universal P-code, an efficient P-code interpreter, screen-oriented and character-oriented editors for programs and text, a filer for rapid file manipulation, a macro-assembler which produces code to be linked with Pascal programs, and a system library of frequently-used utilities. Modular structure allows division of large tasks into smaller, easier task. Support updates available from Softech Microsystems, San Diego, CA. Requires H-8/H-19, H-11A/H-19, or H/Z-89 (as listed below) with 48K RAM (64K recommended) and two disk drives (HOS-817-3 requires, supports only two hard-sectored 5.25" drives).

HOS-817-3, hard-sectored 5.25" disk for H-8/H-19 and H/Z-89, 8 pounds. ... $295.00

HOS-1127-3, soft-sectored 8" disk for H-11A/H-19/H-27, 8 pounds. ............ $295.00


It seems that Heath did not provide this software with the typical black binders. I now have multiple copies, and they all are like this. I have also never seen anything different on ebay.

H17 Hard-sectored disk images (H8D)

I received this from another member of the SEBHC group and have imaged the disks in the H8D format.

Complete release in a zip file: UCSD Pascal

Individual disks:

Soft-Sectored disk images (TD0)

These files are from Don Maslin's famous archive. I have not tried these images, since I do not have a way to create floppies from TD0 files, but I am working on adding soft-sectored disk support to my emulator, and would then try to use it with that.

Complete release in a zip file: UCSD_TD0.ZIP

Individual disks:

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