CP/M Compression and Archiving Information

This information comes from an old document describing the various file extensions and how to uncompress and/or extract the files.







A method of containing files, no compression. Create with NULU or LAR (various revisions) Extract with NULU or DELBR.



Individual file compression. Create with SQUEEZE, uncompress with UNSQUEEZE. The utilities names may vary. Note: the program changes only the center character in the file extension. I.e. If the original file name is FOO.TXT, the squeezed file will be named FOO.TQT. 



Individual file compression. Create with CR, CRUNCH (various revisions). Uncompress with UNCR, UNCRUNCH (various revisions).



Individual file compression. Create with CRLZH20 and uncompression with UCRLZH20.



A true archiver. Compresses and archives multiple files. Cross-platform compatible (DOS, Unix, etc.)



A true archiver. The default name for ARC under CP/M



A true archiver. No utility to create under CP/M, the older versions of ZIP files can be extracted with UNZIP (various versions).



A true archiver. Create with LHARC and extract with LHARD. The CP/M version cannot handle LH5 compression.



A true archiver. No utility to create under CP/M. Older versions of ARJ files can be extracted with UNARJ.



A true archiver. Available only for CP/M. PMAUTOAE.COM is the self extracting file to find. This utility creates the best compression available under CP/M. It also has the ability to make self-extracting files that are archives. NOTE: has the ability to extract LH5 LZH archives create on other platforms.



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