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MAZERACE - Graphics maze race game. Reach all the goals in the maze while stopping the monsters from invading your home base. 3 mazes, 5 levels of dificulty for each. Includes screen input utility for making your own mazes. Requires H/Z89 or H8-H19. HDOS $12.95

Products: utilities and arcade-style games for the H8 and H89 systems. Games included Gravitron and Gravitron II. 

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January 1983


The Cyborgs have stolen vital components of Earth's Interstellar Defense System, and it's up to you to get them back. Blast your way through roomfuls of drone robots to the power installations to replenish your weapons. Fight onward to the heart of the Cyborg control complex, and you've still got a problem - getting back out!

FROGGS        $14.95
Another arcade classic for your computer. Guide your frogs homeward to their havens. If it weren't for rush hour traffic, river currents, quicksand, diving turtles, snakes, and alligators, it would be easy!

MAZE RACE $12.95
Reach all the goals in the maze while keeping the monsters from invading your home base. Three mazes five levels of difficulty. Includes a screen input utility for making custom mazes.

March 1983

If you want to become more productive with you computer: DON'T buy this game.
If you're like a lot of people, you bought your Heath computer to do home finance, word processing, or perhaps to learn how to program. You've got PerfectStar, DataPlan, MergeWriter, and all the latest Pascal compilers. Fine. Just don't buy GRAVITRON.
We're telling you this because we've noticed that people who play GRAVITRON get hooked. As they pass through the warp gates to the first planet, they realize that this is no ordinary game. They are intrigued by the challenge of maneuvering a spacecraft that is subject to the force of gravity. Their skill increases, and they move on to other worlds, each more extraordinary than the last. Soon they become obsessed with the desire to explore all the strange (and lethal) planets of GRAVITRON.
If you want to give it a try, go ahead. But you've been warned. Once you visit the worlds of GRAVITRON, you may not want to come back to Earth.
GRAVITRON, $19.95 plus $1.50 shipping. Requires H/Z89, Z90, or H8-H19, 32k, and HDOS or CP/M. Specify disk format (hard or soft sector 5-1/4"). Free catalog of games and utilities. CP/M t.m. Digital Research.

July 1983

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to hugcon
It's unfortunate that many of you ignored our warnings about GRAVITRON. You bought the game anyway, and soon found yourselves ensnared in battle with the lethal planetary defenses of the evil Cephans. Now you're thinking of visiting the HUG conference to see all the new software to make your computer more productive. Well, we're warning you again.
The Cephans are back. This time it's not just missile-launching towers they've built to stop you. Tanks, fighters, fuel-stealing hovercraft, plasma field launchers, disruptor beams, anti-gravity, force fields, and other awesome weapons stand between you and your goal of freeing the Almach star system from Cephan domination.
So if you're coming to the conference beware: GRAVITRON II will be there.
GRAVITRON II requires H/Z89, Z90, H8, or Z100 with HDOS, CP/M, or CP/M-85. $19.95 + $1.50 shipping, available August 15. Free catalog of games and utilities.

September 1983

Honor, Glory, and Cash
Many of you have heeded the pleas for help from the people of Schedar and Almach in GRAVITRON and GRAVITRON II. The evil Cephans are under attack on Heath/Zenith screens across the country, and we're pleased.
There's just one problem. The Cephans are winning. We've heard from distressingly few people who've completed the entire mission.
To correct that situation, we'll send $10 to the next five registered owners who complete either game, and $50 to the first owner to complete both. To qualify, send us your winning score and the message that appears at the end of the game.
Go ahead. Try it. Where else can you save an entire civilization and pick up a little money in the process?
GRAVITRON and GRAVITRON II require H/Z89, Z90, H8-H19, or Z100 with HDOS, CP/M, or CP/M-85 and 48k. $19.95 each + $1.50 shipping.

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