Cassette Operating Software

H-8/H-88 Cassette Operating Systems. For using the H8/H89 with cassette tapes.

From the Spring/Summer 1982 Heath catalog:

  • Helps form a solid base for future computer programming
  • On audio cassettes, in convenient 1200 baud form. 

Convenience features make this system easier to use than others: Includes Extended Benton  Harbor BASIC (Version 6.0), HASL-8 Assembly Language (a two-pass absolute 8080 assembler), TED-8 Text Editor, BUG-8 Console Debugger. Features automatic command completion, dynamic syntax checking and a special user configuration feature.

Min. hardware, software requirements: H-8 or H-88 Computer with 16K bytes of RAM, cassette interface (see below) and ECP-3801A

H-8-18, for H-8/H-8-5/ECP-3801A systems, 11 pounds. .......... $30.00

H-88-18, for H-88/H-88-5/ECP3801A systems, 5 pounds. ....... $30.00


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