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Imaginator I-100

Cleveland Codonics offered an add-on graphics card for the H/Z19 and H/Z89 systems call the Imaginator I-100.

  • High resolution of 504 x 247 pixels (monochrome).
  • Onboard microcomputer eliminates graphic processing load on host.
  • Two modes of operation - ASCII and binary.
  • They offered an option EPROM that allowed it to emulate a Tektronix 4010/4014.

A fully assembled and tested board sold for $445. In kit form it was $395. The Tektronix 4010/4014 emulation option was an additional $75. Mounting hardware needed for the H/Z-89 was an additional $20.

They also sold the related source code for $125. 

Personal Collection

I recently bought a H89 on ebay which contained the a Cleveland Codonics Imaginator board. The system was in poor condition and needs major cleaning and repair. I plan to have pictures and more details shortly.


Here is a scanned ad for the Imaginator I-100.


I don't have the actual manuals, but recently received scans of 3 documents and will post them if I receive permission from Codonics.

  • Installation Manual
  • User's Guide Manual
  • Addendum

Company Status

Still in business, now known simply as Codonics. The Imaginator was the company's first product and is on display in their office.

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